Yellow Fever Treatment and Prevention

Philip Lynch   April 6, 2017   Comments Off on Yellow Fever Treatment and Prevention

Health careAs a serious and potentially deadly disease, yellow fever is something that you should concern about. Spreading by mosquitoes, this disease is typified by jaundice or yellowish color spread around the eyes and skin which is followed by high fever. For your information, this health problem is most likely to appear in South America and a particular region in Africa. This disease is known as incurable disease. That’s why learning how to prevent it becomes the best way to do.

When it comes to yellow fever, vaccination becomes the only one way to avoid the spread of this disease. In this case, the vaccine is provided in a one shot only. The vaccine includes immunity which is able to deteriorate the virus of yellow fever. This vaccine is suggested for those who have been nine months old. If you are going to the area at risk of this disease, it is also suggested for you to take a vaccination for preventing this disease.

On the other hand, there are some people who are not recommended to get this vaccine. They include people that are allergies to protein from chicken and egg as well as they who have allergies to gelatin. A baby who is younger than six months old is also not recommended to take the vaccine. Moreover, people who are affected by AIDS, HIV and health problems related to immunity are not allowed to take it as well.

As you take the vaccine, it will help you to avoid yellow fever until the last ten years upward. When taking it, you may experience such side effect like exhausted, a little fever and serene headache and also muscle soreness. Other preventions that you can do include using cloths which are able to keep your body from being bitten by a mosquito and using anti-mosquito lotion.

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