Types Of Cake Decoration

Philip Lynch   March 1, 2017   Comments Off on Types Of Cake Decoration

Birthday CakeBeautifully decorated cupcakes and cakes are able to make thrill in our sense even we have tried it for the first time. It is thanks to numerous types of cake decoration which makes us able to see such unique but edible cake. In fact, there are several types of decoration when it comes to cake adornment. There can be the one that is edible or created by food-safe plastic. But, the point is that these decorations have made such a plain cake into the visually interesting cake to everyone.

Types Of Cake Decoration You Should Know

Regarding this notion, when you are planning to learn cake decorating, there is no doubt that you are going to learn about some types of decoration for the cake as well. The first type is fondant. If it is not the first time you read an article that discusses cake decoration, you must have read this term. Fondant is known as roll icing or sugar paste. It comes with numerous color choices and able to be mold into different forms. It is usually used to cover the cake. However, it is also used to make a three-dimensional thing or character on a cake.

In addition to fondant, there is also royal icing. This decoration is a sweet white icing which is made by whipping icing sugar with fresh egg whites. This decoration is perfect to pipe intricate writing lacework, border and scrollwork on the cake. Then, there is also marzipan which is frequently used to model cakes decorations. Marzipan is sometimes used to cover the cake as well. Moreover, there is gum paste as well. This type of decoration is also popular as florist paste. This decoration is edible and is able to be sculpted to create cakes decorations like molded designs or flowers. Finally, those are some types of cake decoration you should know.

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