Tips Mixed Mixed Gothic Dresses Muslimah

Philip Lynch   May 30, 2017   Comments Off on Tips Mixed Mixed Gothic Dresses Muslimah

gothic dressesGothic dresses can also be applied as a cool style for hijabers who want to modify the style of fashion with gothic style. For those of you who want to know how to incorporate gothic elements in Muslimah fashion then you should refer to the following articles to completion because we will discuss about some important things about Muslimah fashion with a blend of unique and ethnic gothic elements. Many Muslim women who actually want to wear gothic fashion but constrained some things in it like a gothic style that requires wearers wearing black clothes like attending a mourning event.

Some Tips Mixed Mixed Gothic Dresses For Muslimah

Most Muslimah are transfixed by the colors they wear for their everyday fashion. Although there is a dress style gothic dresses but they are reluctant or rather not confident to wear clothes with black all in their daily activities.

Here are some unified tips on the style of gothic fashion for Muslim women.

  • Black

Although gothic style is identical to the use of black color, but that does not mean you have to wear clothes from head to toe with black. Just choose a blouse or skirt with a firm black color that will give gothic on your appearance.

  • Accessories

The choice of accessories will also greatly affect the appearance of your gothic style. By choosing black accessories or having gothic elements such as chains and pins that are embedded in some parts of the clothing will make you look gothic. You can also choose black hijab without or with sequin accessories. Try to choose the type of hijab is simple but has a comfortable material to wear considering you wear clothes with black.

  • Make up

One more gothic touch that is in need in the style of gothic fashion is a touch of makeup. Make up gothic style is makeup with black eye shadow or commonly called smoked eyes and lipstick that is dark red. Similarly, unified styling tips for Muslim women with gothic dresses.

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