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Breakfast For School-Aged Children

Health tipsWe all know that children have to get the best nutrient since they are in the important stage in their growth. That is why what they eat is very important to be considered by all parents. In this case, the food they eat should be healthy and the need for nutrients of the children must be fulfilled including for school-aged children. Here they will need more nutrients because they are going to learn many materials in the school. It means that by having good nutrients, children can maintain the concentration while they are in the class. Then, what are the best breakfast for them? There are some things of best breakfast that can be read as follow.

  1. Providing a third of total daily energy that children need

For the first thing that all people have to know is that the total energy which children should get in the morning. In this case, the breakfast should have a third of total daily energy needed by children. In this case, the food must be a healthy one in which those have good nutrient. High nutrient in the foods, of course, will help the children to study well at school.

  1. Providing rich protein foods

About the next one relating to breakfast for school-aged children is parents must provide rich protein foods. Indeed, foods that consist of high protein can give a good benefit to the children. Some foods which are recommended are cheese, eggs, yogurt, milk and so on.

  1. Providing foods with vitamin C

Besides rich protein foods, the other best foods for children breakfast is those having a high vitamin C. We know that vitamin C will give body various benefits so that it is very nice for breakfast. Some foods such as orange and kiwi can be chosen as the menus for school-aged children’s breakfast.

Risk Factor of Osteoporosis

Health tipsAs it is known that there are various kinds of diseases that you must know. One of them is osteoporosis or the disease that is very close to bones. The characteristic of this disease is there is low bone mass so that it is so fragile or easily to get fracture. Talking more about osteoporosis itself, this disease is commonly had by old women. The back pain and bone fracture easier become two of some signs and symptoms of it. Then, how about the risk factors of the disease? For you who have not known well about it, there will be some list that can be read in the following passage.

  1. Women

As we know that the sufferers of osteoporosis are mostly women. It is caused by the fact that women have a bigger risk of having this disease. That is why for those who are women should be more careful especially thin women or them who have small frame. Here consuming a good nutrient that can support healthy bones is the best solution.

  1. White and Asian Women

Moreover, those who are white and Asian women will have a higher risk of osteoporosis. As we can see that the patients or sufferers of this disease are commonly white women or Asian women especially those who have member family with osteoporosis.

  1. Postmenopausal Women

After that, another risk factor for this bone disease is postmenopausal women. That is why women who have been on postmenopausal stage are easier to have osteoporosis rather than those who are still young. That is why it is not new thing that the sufferers are mostly old women.

  1. Cigarette Smoking

Then the next risk factor that can cause osteoporosis is cigarette smoking. The bad side effect of smoking here are various and one of them is this bone fracture.

Breast Cancer Preference

Health tipsNowadays, where the degenerative diseases become top silent killer both in developed and developing countries, people are suggested to increase their concerns related to this matter. Cancer is one of unwanted condition that infected people. As for women, breast cancer becomes endemic in some societies. Rather than taking deep meditation after this cancer is detected, it is strongly suggested to do prevention actions to reduce the bad effects in their life no matter would that means.

Basically, there is no fixed cause why people can suffer breast cancer. But, it is like any other degenerative disease that needs healthy life patterns to support the low probabilities. It will be good if people can considerate to take healthy meals rather than junk food. Fresh vegetables and fruits are better to be eaten daily. As for the food processing, frying and grilling can be changed with boiling and steaming in order to reduce the oil intake to the bodies daily. When people start to eat this healthy food, for the first time, it will be quite hard. But, when it turns into a habit, they can enjoy their life. As the bonus, they will get proportional bodies and healthy for instance.

On the other hand, it is also suggested to drink mineral water in enough amounts. Water is known can remove unused materials and toxic agents out from bodies. Sometimes, taking juice and tea can be selected to increase the antioxidant level that is useful to attack free radical as the cause of cancer in general. Meanwhile, it is also prohibited to smoke and drink alcohol regularly. These agents are not useful in the bodies. The smoke and alcohol are known as bad materials. By having a good pattern in life, people can be free and do not need to worry to get this bad disease.

Avoid These “Safe” Additives

Health tipsIn this recent day, the use of additives actually is not something new anymore. There are many foods which use additives. From many additives which are used, FDA has released that these additives are safe enough to be consumed. However, in fact, those additives that have the label “safe” are not safe. From the research, they can still give a bad impact to our body health consuming the food with those additives. Hence what are the additives here? For those who want to know well about them, below is the list of the additives.

  1. Aspartame

Maybe you have heard about this additive, haven’t you? It can be easy to be found in soda drinks. There are many soda drinks which use aspartame as an additive. The use of it actually has been since 1981 until nowadays. From the studies, aspartame is possible to be a carcinogen.

  1. Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)

Besides, there is BHA or butylated hydroxyanisole as another additive that is considered as a “safe” one in FDA. It is commonly used in chips and other snack foods. In National Toxicology Program, this additive has been classified as a human carcinogen. Unfortunately, FDA still considers it as a safe additive.

  1. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)

In the next one, there will be butylated hydroxytoluene or BHT. It is the additive that is still recognized as the safe one to be consumed. According to some studies, BHT can be a possible carcinogen actually. Then since FDA still said that it is safe, the use of this additive can be found until today.

  1. rBGH

Then rBGH becomes another additive that is considered as safe but in fact, it is not. Usually, it will be added to the milk and it is linked to some kinds of cancer. The FDA approve it to be consumed even though Canada and Europe have banned the use of rBGH.

Healthy Tips For Your Skin

Health tipsThe health of your body must be something precious for you, right? You will be very grateful if you have no problem with the health of yours. Well, there are many things that you should keep if you want to be healthy. From there are many parts of your body then, the skin will be on the list. There are many people now feel like do not care about the health of their skin. It is not too important. However, sometimes they will not realize if they’re careless to the skin will give a very bad impact even now or in the future.

If you think if you want to make your skin healthy is by doing treatment in a salon then it must be wrong. Here you need to keep the health of your skin, but it does not mean that you should do the expensive treatment. Actually, a beautiful skin is a healthy skin and you can do it by yourself by caring for the health of your skin. What do you need to do then? Well, you can start it by drinking much mineral water. As you know that there are many parts of your body is compiled with water. If you have less mineral then you will have dehydration and your skin will be dry. The less water you consume will cause the moist of your skin reduce too.

At least by drinking mineral water then you can keep the moist of your skin then. Drinking water also will make the blood circulation of yours runs well too. At least you need to keep the health of your skin by drinking mineral water 1.5 until 2 liters per day or 8 glasses in a day. If you have the less amount of mineral water you consume then your skin will be dry and you have dehydration that will make you so weak.

Classic Yet Ignored Tips For Health

Health tipsThere are some good suggestions that are brought up in daily life. We are actually exposed to that kind of information often, but they are pretty much ignored. This time, it is better to reconsider them as tips that will keep you healthy. The first thing that is pretty easy to say but difficult to be done is drinking enough water. A normal adult requires 2-3 liters of water to keep the body at the balanced and healthy level of fluid. It is worth noting that this measurement is under normal activity, and it means it requires more if you are doing exhausting activities. Otherwise, your body will be screaming for water to make the organs work well.

It is the unarguably difficult thing that you should do. However, it does not mean there is no solution for this problem. You actually can create a schedule for drinking, and it helps a lot if you want to drink water more regularly. Unfortunately, it is still difficult for people to drink even though the schedule has been made. The reason is because some activities cannot be interrupted, and this causes the person to forget to drink. In this case, it requires more tricks to get your drink the plain water.

How to do that is fairly simple. You need to find a bottle or glass, the container you usually drink from. After that, you need to mark the water container in equal sections based on hours you work. The top part of the container is marked with earlier time, for example, 8 a.m. and the next section underneath it will be 8.30, and so on. This mark will ensure you to get drinks when the time comes. Therefore, you should not have to worry anymore about the water consumption of the day. With that being said, you also can be healthier by drinking alone.

Healthy Living With Health Tips

Health tipsHealthy living will make you living with your healthy condition and living with a fine. People who are living with their health they are rather to get the disease while the other may have it. If you live with healthy, you will avoid the stress because you can maintain well your condition and you keep your body so you will not get sick easily. The healthy loving is also indicated from your body which is health same as your healthy mental

To create healthy living is easy. Minimally, you can follow the health tips that make you know how good your condition is. There are some considerations to have healthy body and mind so you are living with good. There are some actions to be avoided if you really want to create a good condition of your health. The health tips work for you as the article that must be learned by reading the tips. If you have read the tips to make a healthy living, you will have knowledge with your health condition and you know what to do to improve your health.

Healthy living means that you know healthy lifestyle and you know the consequence if you are carelessly doing something that makes you in danger. To get healthy, eat a good food is necessary not only for the kids that are in the growth process but also it is important for a teenager and for the adults. Children, teenager, and adult also must have enough sleep every day because by that they can start the new day with the smile and with the healthy condition indicated by the body, which is fresh.

Moreover, for a healthy living, you can check your health condition by doing the medical checkup. You can do a consultation with the doctors if there is something wrong about the condition. The result from the medical checkup will make you control your condition and control your life so you can have a very healthy living.

Things That Trigger Bipolar Mood Swings

Health tipsBipolar disorder is an extreme shift in mood. Sometimes can feel really grandeur and happy and sometimes will feel so deeply depressed. When the moods bring something severe enough, it will be dangerous and of course, it may take times to piece the life back. If you know someone who has this kind of disorder, it’s better if you know what kind of things that can trigger the bipolar mood swings before something terrible happen to them. With knowing what kind of things that can trigger their mood swings you can have a plan and you can find the way to deal with it, and an episode of depression or mania can be avoided.

5 Things That Trigger Mood Swings

  • Skimping on Sleep

Sudden change in sleep pattern can be one of the things that can trigger the mood swings on bipolar, to avoid this, you need to make a schedule to make there can avoid this trigger,

  • Blow Out Argument

If you are having a problem with your mate and you and your mate are having a rough argument, this also can trigger the mood swings on bipolar. To avoid that, you need to argue gently and understand each other,

  • A Bad Breakup

If this happens, the trigger will be severe, because it can cause a suicide to the person who can’t endure the bad breakup, especially if the person has the bipolar syndrome. So, if you are having relationship with someone who having bipolar, it’s better if you do the breakup with easy way and in a good way because it can reduce the damage that they will take,

  • Boozing and Using Drugs

Using drugs and alcohol will not causing the bipolar. But, it will help you to make your life worse and of course, it will lead you to the bipolar episode in your life. So, you better watch out for alcohol and drugs abuse.

  • Antidepressant

Using antidepressant will cause a very bad thing for people with bipolar because it will lead them to become manic and crazy. But, it’s still debatable. But, it’s better if you avoid using this kind of thing because it can danger your life.

Well, those are 5 triggers that can trigger the mood swings on people who have bipolar and with knowing this, you can find the good way to prevent the bad thing from happening.

Simple Way To Keep Your Heart Health

Health tipsThe heart is the very important items on our body. This organ gives us the life and of course, if you don’t treat it well, the heart can be sick and it will bring the bad for you. If you want to make the heart of yours always healthy and in the good condition, you need to know how to keep the heart healthy and there are few ways that can help you doing that. In this article, we will tell you about the simple way that you can use to keep your heart on the good side. If you want to make your life better and you can live longer, this can be the very good article for you to read.

Easy Way To Keep Your Heart Health

If you want to keep your health, you need to follow these tips below and of course, it will be easy for you because none of these tips will require anything that hard to do. Well, if you want to start your healthy life, let’s start to move to the main course.

  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, both things can bring the negative influences to the heart itself,
  • Keep your body moves with doing some exercising, do some exercise will give the heart the energy that can make it adapt to your activity, this also can be a good way to train your heart to be stronger,
  • Change your meal, if you usually eat fast food or junk food or even the food that contains lots of bad fats, you need to stop it or you can reduce to consume them, because that kind of capable of making your blood can’t run well in your body and it can be bad for heart.

Those tips above are easy to follow and of course, it will keep your heart in balance and can be healthy for the rest of your life. Well, if you want to live better a better life, you need to start to change your lifestyle.

Why You Should Laughing

Health tipsAre you sad? Although you are sad, please do not let yourself sadder by hearing sad songs. You should amuse yourself by watching good movies or even funny movies to make your mood better. You should laugh more now. Laugh is good, the laugh will bring positive mood and energy. If you have positive mood and energy, you can bring the other people to have positive mood as well. So, let me tell you this, there are many benefits of laughing you should know. What are they? Let see below.

There are many benefits if laughing. From here, you will get some of the benefits. The first benefit is you can reduce heart disease by laughing. Then, laughing can be natural painkiller as well. After that, if you are laughing more, you will improve your breathing as well. Then, it will help you lose weight! You should believe that. Tell your friends now. Then, when laughing, you can give yourself good sleep at night. Besides, laughing can decrease stress too. So, do not too much crying, laughing is good too. The last, laughing can always make you looks young, people. So, why you do not laugh?

Well, maybe some of you will laugh with all the information of laughing benefits above. You may laugh with by reading this too if you like if you are happy and you are healthy. If you are stress, you should watch a comedy or something funny to heal your stress faster. You can call your friends as well to help you laugh. You know, stress will endanger your body as well. So, do not stress too much. If you are easy to stress; you should know the way of healing it too. So, that is all, share this and laughing more in your life to become healthy.

How to Live Healthy

Health tipsTo live healthy must be everyone’s desire. Health is something that will make your life easier and better. Can you imagine if you live unhealthily and you suffered from a certain disease the activities will not be run by you well? That is why it is so important for you to make yourself healthy by having a healthy life. You should throw away the bad habit that you have in order to make a healthy life. Well at first, it will be so hard by if you do it, again and again, it would get easier every day.

The first thing that you need to know if you want to be healthy is by consuming the healthy food first. The healthy food is not difficult to find. You can eat the healthy food anytime when you are going to eat vegetable or fruits. Both have the nutrition that you need for your body. Besides, it is also important to do the exercise routinely. You should do this because whenever you have your exercise practice every day at least it will help you to burn the calorie so that you will not suffer from the obesity. The next things you should pay attention is the time for resting.

You should sleep every day, and it is recommended for you to sleep for at least seven to nine hours in one day. By sleeping you can recharge yourself and make your body and mind fresh again. After that, you do not have to forget to drink pure water at least 8 glasses per day. It is not only your physical healthy; you also need to keep the health of your mental. Make sure you have a good relationship with people around you and find the happiness that will give you the positive energy. Well, good luck with new healthy life.

Tips To Prevent Lower Back Pain

Health tipsLower back pain can be one of the problems faced by people. Indeed, when you have the back pain, all your activity will be disturbed. Back pain itself can be caused by sickness, injury and muscle strain. Those who are overweight and smoke will be more inclined to get back pain. The standing and sitting position also will influence this condition as well. That is why you need to do several tips as below to avoid the back pain. Thus, what are those tips?

  1. Yoga

The first thing you can do is doing yoga. It is the best way in avoiding the back pain. Here yoga will help you to improve the blood circulation and reduce the stress level. For the back pain, there are some poses which you can do.

  1. Meditation

After that meditation must be another thing which you can do here. In this case, the activity of meditation can calm the nerves and then free you from the stress. Per the research, it has been proved that that meditation can help someone in having a better standing and sitting postures.

  1. Avoiding to sit long hours

The habit will be another thing which causes lower back pain. In this case, the habit is when you sit for long hours. Thus, if you want to avoid the lower back pain, you do not sit in the same position for long hours. Maybe you can stand for a while here.

  1. Taking care of your diet

What you eat will cause the lower back pain as well. The foods that contain high sugar will cause the inflammation and the lower blood circulation in which those conditions increase the lower neck pain. That is why the best thing which you can do here is avoiding the sugar.

Ditching Preserved Foods For Better Health

Health tipsSome people really love preserved foods or processed foods. They are generally delicious and they are pretty much accessible. It really does not require too many steps to enjoy preserved foods, and this convenient value is what people seek. Unfortunately, it is not as delicious as it seems. Your tongue – brain – may feel happy receiving the delicacy offered in those canned foods. However, your internal organs are not happy. They suffer because they need to digest and process the chemical substance that is not recognizable. Our body is not designed to consume such foods, and there is a point where our body starts to ignore them causing the deposit of trouble.

There are two main problems why preserved foods are bad. First, it contains sugar. Sugar is one of preservation method, and that is why it is also used in canned foods. Sugar in moderation is helpful, but it will not happen if you obtain it from a chest of chemically processed foods. The intensity of sugar in those foods is higher than you can imagine, and it is the leading cause of obesity, diabetes, and other dangerous diseases. Further, it is also worth noting that preserved foods are addictive.

It is not only because of they are delicious, but it is because of chemical substance that gives positive ‘reward’ for your brain. You will consider eating the foods again and again. There is a theory that manufacturers have decided to put such chemical substance to keep their customers happy and loyal. While it may not be true, it is worth noting still that preserved foods are not good for health. Thus, removing them from our life forever will be a brand-new day for a lifestyle change. Some people have done their part, and there will be a time where people will choose the mechanical food processing instead of chemical ones.

Health Tips To Prevent Obesity

Health tipsPeople should live in healthy body and environment. People should not keep too much fat too because it will endanger the whole health. Obesity is the most dangerous thing that can cause sudden death or slow death. That is why there are so many tips to lose fats now. You can do a lot of things to prevent obesity but here you will get the best tips to prevent obesity. How? You should read the following paragraphs to know the information.

There are several tips you should follow to not get obesity. First, you should stay away from the enemy of obesity. What is it? It is junk food such as French fries and burgers. Maybe not all of burgers and French fries are dangerous for you but many of them do dangerous things to your body. Then, if you want to consume junk food just for a while in your life; you should not drink coke after that. It will endanger your heart and body more. Of course, they are tasty. I cannot deny it too but health is the most important thing. After that, the best beverages you can drink after that is warm water you can drink warm water anytime you like every day not only after eat the junk food you like.

You should stay away from the junk food as fast as possible. It will be better for your body rather than eat it once a week, for instance. Yeah, I know the junk foods like French fries is very delicious. You should not eat it if it will make an obesity. However, if you really like French fries or burgers; you can create them by yourself. It will be safer than eat them outside. Well, that is all the important tips to not get obesity. Hope the tips works well in your body.

Health Tips: Avoid Kidney Failure

Health tipsNowadays, the cause of death by serious illness increase significantly. For most country around the world, the degenerative diseases due to bad lifestyle become common things, even for the developed country. Diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure are some things that scare people. As the development of medical science improves by many professional doctors, people would feel bad and look for an alternative solution related to this matter. Below, there is a little discussion about kidney failure as one of the most cause of death in life.

The Easy Tips To Avoid Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is actually a kind of abnormal condition where kidney could not properly to do filtration process. It is such a common thing that kidney’s function in a human body plays a role to filter blood. In every day, blood comes to this organ many times to be filtered from the secretion matters. As the waste product that is not important anymore, urine will be produced. Once the kidney has trouble and fails to do this job, the liquid would be piled up. This is a serious condition because could damage other organs. Therefore, people should keep the kidney health. The easiest thing to do is stop consuming the alcoholic drink. These beverages will make the work of kidney becomes harder and if this happens for a longer time, the kidney will be broken and stop working.

On the other hand, it is important to drink pure water in good portion. In average, people should take at least two-liter water every day. Water will thin the viscosity that will help kidney to work slower. Besides that, people are also suggested to reduce fatty components in their daily diet. In opposite, it is good to take fruit and vegetable in huge amount to avoid this disease as well.