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Relieve Mosquito Bites In 6 Ways

Health careSome people will be very disturbed by a mosquito; especially if their children are attacked by it. This mosquito is sometimes annoying and you cannot get rid of it easily. So, you should know how to prevent the mosquito bites or if it is not possible; you should at least know how to relieve the bites. So, do you know how to relieve the mosquito bites? Here, you will know six ways of mosquito bites relieve that are easy to do. So, let see the tips as follow.

First, you will need banana; especially the banana Peel. You can use the banana peel to relieve the mosquito bites by rubbing the area with the inside of banana Peel. It is easy and you can find the Peel in your home after eating the banana. Then, you will need apple cider vinegar and apply it to the area. The third ways are by creating a paste of baking soda and H2O; then, apply it to the area. Besides, you can use tea tree oil and lavender essential oil. Other than those, you can use lemon slice and apply it to the area of mosquito bites. The last way is using onion slice. It will immediately remove the pain of bites.

So, those are all six ways you can use to relieve the bites of mosquito. You can use one of the best ways or you can choose which is the easiest way you can do in your home when you really need it. You can protect your own children by mosquito now. Therefore, you do not need to worry anymore. You can tell your children or family members about this tips as well to give theme new knowledge; so, they can relieve the mosquito bites by them self. Thus, that is all.

How To Lower Blood Pressure

Health careFor you who have hypertension sometimes your condition makes you really depressed and worry about your health. Then, the another problem is you do not want to see doctors or visit the hospital. What should you do then? There are some ways to lower your blood pressure with foods. You can try this way if you want. Firstly, you should know the number of your blood pressure first. Make sure you should aim the blood pressure into less than 120/80 mm Hg.

Afterward, you should choose the plant-based foods. This way will lower your blood pressure by 7/5 mm Hg. Then, you can reduce your salt intake. As an adult, you should consume no salt more than 1,500 mg of sodium each day. After that, you should consume more potassium each day by consuming fruits and vegetables. Then, you should maintain the healthy weight for your body. Exercise is the next thing you should do as well. You should at least spend 30 minutes to do exercise each day. Number server, you should limit your alcohol intake. If you are women, you should not drink alcohol more than one drink a day; for men, you should not drink more than two drinks each day.

The last thing of how to lower your blood pressure is avoiding the tobacco. It will cause the heart disease and make your blood pressure ruin. Thus, you have understood now what things you should do to lower your blood pressure. After you did all those things periodically, you might be able to see the blood pressure result. You can check it in the near clinics. So, that is all the tips and information for your health care. Hope the information can help you a lot. You can share the information above to the people around you.