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The Honest Food Kitchen

Health careThis time, many people around the world, selecting good menu daily will support their health. It means, once they want to have stronger and healthier body, they should manage the meals carefully. They consider when they take unbalanced menu; they can easily get the diseases as well. Many references state the secret to make the body healthier by preparing good food from fresh kitchen daily.

Generally, the first point if people want to serve balance food is selecting fresh raw materials. For example, when they want to use fish, it becomes important to check the freshness or it will potentially bring microorganism that can attack the natural taste it brings. Thus, food handling in the proper method is needed to keep the quality kept well. After that, people should be careful when they want to use spice and herbs to enhance the taste. Managing the dose is needed to let the natural taste still tasted. However, rather than using artificial food additives such as sweetener, emulsifier, coloring agents, they are better using natural ingredients no matter would that means.

Meanwhile, it is important to set the nutritious values to balance too. In a day, people need to take carbohydrate as the source of energy to let them doing many activities. Today, changing the consumption of simple sugar which impacts blood sugar into complex sugar which is healthier needed to avoid obesity and diabetes. Besides that, reducing fat is needed to keep the posture slim as well. Fat can be put in certain tissue inside the body and even it is used to make the body warm and producing the hormone, limiting the amount of consumption is strongly advised. After managing the raw material, then people need to set the proper food method in applying the good technique. Turning the frying method into boiling or steaming method is suggested to make the food simpler and healthier. Starting from the young age when people can apply this healthier way, they can obtain a good quality of life.

Benefits Of Sleeping

Health careSleeping is the most natural thing for all creatures. This is a fact, even animals need some sleep to maintain their health. Although this is an important thing, some people don’t realize this thing and don’t get enough time to sleep. You need to know that getting less time to sleep is sometimes not a good thing to do. So, in this article, you will find some facts that make you understand how important getting enough time to sleep is for your body and also your mind.

First of all, the first thing you need to know is how many hours that you need to sleep? This is the thing that has no exact answer as every person needs different time to recover. The more they work in the middle of the day and give more effort, it is usually the more they need time to sleep. This means it is a relative answer for each person, but for the average is around seven to eight hours per day. Then, why you should have it? This is also an important thing to know it as you will have some bad effects if you don’t get enough time for it. Bad things that are going to happen if you do this is that you are going to feel really tired in doing your day, not too spirited, tired all the time, sometimes this can cause you less creative, and the worst thing is that this can cause you to a sickness. Those things are not the things you want to suffer, don’t you?

Therefore, starting from now, think about the quality of your sleep and also the quantity. If you have any difficulties in going to sleep like insomnia or some bad sleeping habits, just go to the doctor and tell your problems. If you let it gets used to you, you know this can cause something bad in the future.

Get The Pink Blossom Lips

Health careThe smile will look so gorgeous if the lips also blossom with the pink color. The people now can choose so many kinds of cosmetic which can help the people get the gorgeous look, in the lips too. However, to get the best cosmetic, you also should pay the expensive cost. In fact, the expensive cost of the cosmetic does not also ensure the security of the product. It makes the natural method to get the blossom pink lips is the best way. It is also recommended because the impact of the natural substance will be not bad.

First of the first is you should know the cause of the dark lips. The pink lips will look darker slowly. If you do not keep away from these causes. Firstly, it will be caused by the age that is older and older. Secondly, the sunlight that contains UV rays will cause the lips get darker. Thirdly, smoking can also become the cause of the dark lips. Fourthly, the caffeine that is over can make the lips look dark. Then, if you get the dark lips, what is the solution of it? Do you want to know more? Let check it.

The solution of dark lips is using the natural substance. The first is a lemon, it becomes the whitening substance which also can help cell regeneration. You just need to rub it into the lips softly and wait for 10 minutes. Then after it, clean up with the warm water. The second is milk. It can combine with the glycerin, mix the milk and glycerin. Then, rub it softly and wait for 10 minutes. Then, you can use the sugar to peeling your lips to make it look pink. Take some sugar, maybe a teaspoon. And then, rub it softly to your lips.

Symptoms Of Leukemia

Health careIn this recent day, the number of cancer cases increases. It is because of the awareness of doing healthy life starts to fade away. One type of cancers that we know today is blood cancer which is likely called as leukemia. The condition of leukemia is caused by the growth of white blood cells abnormally in the body. Thus, the amount of leucocyte is too much and it causes problems in patients’ body.

Moreover, there will be some impacts that are going to be faced by the sufferers. Hence here are the symptoms of leukemia you have to know.

  1. Poor blood clotting

The first symptom of leukemia is the condition of blood clotting which becomes poor. That is why the sufferers of leukemia will be easy to bleed or get bruises even only caused by small bumps. It also leads to petechia that are a small red or purple spot found on the body.

  1. Poor immune system

The second symptom which will be faced by the patients is the poor immune system. We know that immune system relates so tight with white blood cells. However, a good immune system here is when the amount of leukocyte or white blood cells are at a normal level. If the production of leucocyte is abnormal, it affects the immune system. As the result, they will easily to get infections and sick.

  1. Anemia

The condition of abnormal amount white blood cells causes the patients have less production of red blood cells or hemoglobin. That is why they suffer anemia and it can lead to pallor or pale skin and dyspnea or labored or difficult respiration.

  1. Other symptoms

Besides all of the symptoms above, there are other symptoms of leukemia that will be experienced by patients such as tiredness, bone pain, weight loss, flu-like symptoms, chills, fever, nausea and night sweats.

Smart Ways To Prevent Dengue Fever

Health careWhen the availability of dengue fever vaccine is still questioned, the possibility of infected by the problem is undeniable especially when we are traveling or living for a while in the tropical region. As we know, it is mosquito which brings the virus of this fever into a human. We can say that avoiding the bite of the mosquito is the best way to prevent the problem. However, you may need to do some other things to help you reducing your risk on suffering this problem. Check this following information to learn more about the tips to prevent dengue fever.

To start, it is recommended for you to settle in a house which is well-screened or which has air conditioning. By living in a house which is well-screened and air-conditioned, you will increase your protection of being bite by a mosquito which brings dengue virus. For your information, mosquito works actively at the dusk or down. However, this animal may also bite you in the middle of the night, so you should watch it. Then, it is also recommended for you to use clothing which can protect you from a mosquito. Don’t forget to use long pants, long sleeve shirt, socks as well as shoes if you are going to go for the area which usually has mosquitoes.

In addition, it is also suggested that you need to wear mosquito repellent. For example, you can take permethrin to be used on your shoes, clothes, camping utilities and other. If it is possible, you can also purchase clothes which have been had permethrin on it. You can also use the permethrin on your skin surface to stay away from a mosquito. Moreover, it is also necessary for you to try diminishing the habitat of the mosquito. You can do this by doing fogging to reduce the mosquito or by removing anything which can be used as the habitat for mosquito like used tires.

Yellow Fever Treatment and Prevention

Health careAs a serious and potentially deadly disease, yellow fever is something that you should concern about. Spreading by mosquitoes, this disease is typified by jaundice or yellowish color spread around the eyes and skin which is followed by high fever. For your information, this health problem is most likely to appear in South America and a particular region in Africa. This disease is known as incurable disease. That’s why learning how to prevent it becomes the best way to do.

When it comes to yellow fever, vaccination becomes the only one way to avoid the spread of this disease. In this case, the vaccine is provided in a one shot only. The vaccine includes immunity which is able to deteriorate the virus of yellow fever. This vaccine is suggested for those who have been nine months old. If you are going to the area at risk of this disease, it is also suggested for you to take a vaccination for preventing this disease.

On the other hand, there are some people who are not recommended to get this vaccine. They include people that are allergies to protein from chicken and egg as well as they who have allergies to gelatin. A baby who is younger than six months old is also not recommended to take the vaccine. Moreover, people who are affected by AIDS, HIV and health problems related to immunity are not allowed to take it as well.

As you take the vaccine, it will help you to avoid yellow fever until the last ten years upward. When taking it, you may experience such side effect like exhausted, a little fever and serene headache and also muscle soreness. Other preventions that you can do include using cloths which are able to keep your body from being bitten by a mosquito and using anti-mosquito lotion.

You Can Get a Health Care

Health careHealth care is your solution whenever you have tried many things that help you to cure your condition but still, you are not now become healthy. Although you go to the drugstore to buy the medicine and you take your medicine, too, your condition still bad and it became worse. It maybe because you do not take appropriate medicine or the medicine that you take does not have the substance that you need. Therefore, if you go to the health care, you can get appropriate medicine that you hope will make you become healthy.

You may ask about what you can get in a health care because you never go to the health care once in your life. Health care is the building that aims to gather people who need to be healthy. People who need further treatment that cannot be found in their home, they must go to the health care because, in this place, there are many types of equipment that suitable to do the further treatment. If you go to the health care, you do not check your condition only but you can get a right prescription from the doctor or professional health that handle you. By that, you can be better because the doctor gives the medicine based on your condition.

Whether you must hospitalize or not in a health care, it is your choices although the doctor offers you to staying the health care. However, if you are really in the worse situation, you must be forced to stay in the health care. Then, you also can get daily healthy tips from the health care because one function in the health care is to make people around the health care all are always healthy. You can also gather your friend and you to get the consultation with professional health and you can hold talk show about the health care. The last from health care is you can get insurance from the health care.

Broken Organs Because Cigarettes

Health careSmoking is the most dangerous activities that everyone already knew but still doing that. Most of the people commonly will avoid the dangerous things that could be damage to their body, but smokers are already known the bad facts of smoking but still doing that activity every day. Not only that could damage their own body but smoking also could be damage for those people around them. The smoke is very dangerous if people sniffed that. That is why many prohibitions about smoking in every country because it is very dangerous.

Some of the countries in this world already fight smokers by giving a high price in the cigarettes, so people need to think twice to get cigarettes. But there is also some country that still selling the cigarettes easily and in the cheap price. In Japan, people who are already in their adult age which is 18 years old or more, might get cigarettes from the vending machine. But the price is so high that is why there are a little people who are still smoking in Japan.

Smoking really dangerous for your part of the body. There are some organs that will be damaged because of your smoke activity. The first organs victim is your heart. This is the first organ because if someone smoke cigarettes over and over again will make contraction of the blood artery which is could cause a heart attack. Eyes also being the damaged organs that will be broken because of your routine in smoke. Lungs are the organs that mostly broken in the smokers, people who already smoke for many years will have a bad condition of their lungs if you are not stopped from smoking the disease will get more serious and even caused death. That is why there are so many advertise that told people how dangerous cigarettes are.

10 Tips To Keep Your Digestive Health

Health careKeep your digestive health is the very important thing that you must do because if you do not take care of it, it can give so much trouble in the future and when it happen, you wish that you could turn back time and make things right. Well, before it’s happening to you, you need to start to consider the things that you must do in order to keep your digestive health. Don’t worry, because we won’t talk about the hard things. We will only talk about the things that can you do daily and of course very easy to do. So, if you want to keep your days healthy and enjoyable. These tips that you will see below will be really useful for you.

Tips To Keep Your Digestive Health

There are ten tips that we are going to tell you and of course, these tips could be the best to help you in keeping your digest system always in the very prime and good condition. Let’s see the tips below.

  1. High fiber diet

Can help you to maintain your digest system. So, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Fiber consumption

There are two kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble both of them are good for your digest system.

  1. Reduce fatty foods

Can lower the chance of you get into constipation?

  1. Choose lean meat

Protein is a very important thing for your body. So, when you decide to eat meat, you need to choose the meat without fat or choose the lean meat.

  1. Add probiotics to diets

Probiotic is a good bacterium that can help you to maintain the digest system inside of your body.

  1. Regular eating schedule

This also can be really helpful for you to keep your digest on the health side.

  1. Sufficient fluids intake

Water can help to dissolve fat and soluble fiber.

  1. Get rid of bad habits

Smoking, coffee, and alcohol can damage the digestive system.

  1. Exercise regularly

Will facilitate and assist the food through the digestive system.

  1. Manage your stress

Too much stress and anxiety will interfere with the digestive system.

Those are the ten tips that you can do if you want to keep your digestive system always in the very best condition. Hopefully can be useful for you.

Prevent Heart Disease In Your 20s

Health care
There is nothing wrong about preventing heart disease when you are in the 20s. Even though we do not that we may suffer heart disease or not, it is necessary for us to try our best to keep our heart in the best form. At least, we can also get the benefit for our entire body. To learn what best ways to prevent heart disease when we are in the 20s, let’s check this following information.

As someone who is in the 20s, you must be active. However, there is no guarantee that you are really doing physical exercise regularly. If you are kind of someone who does not like to exercise, you may start to change your mind and go for exercises regularly. At this point, if you can develop a good habit of exercising from a young age, there is no doubt that you will be able to stay that way in a few years later. In addition, to exercise regularly, you should try your best to avoid cigarette smoke. If you are not a smoker, it means that you should stay away from cigarette smoke resulted by someone else. If are a smoker, it is crucial for you to manage to stop this unhealthy habit immediately. Look for someone that can support you with this idea in order to keep you stay motivated in breaking this unhealthy habit.

Furthermore, it is also nice for you if you have regular wellness check. In this case, you need to see your doctor. In fact, it is not only ill people who come to see a doctor. As a healthy people, sometimes we need to see the doctor as well. At this point, you can begin heart-health screenings to see whether your way to prevent heart disease is effective or not. By knowing your wellness exam, you can also know what you need to improve more among the ways to prevent heart disease.

Good And Healthy Menu For You

Health careIf you want to live healthily, you need to start from your menu. Everything that going to your stomach will give you good or bad condition in the future. There is menu that can help you to reduce the chance of being weak when you getting older. Simple menu, but the menu itself will give the best for your body when you grow older than you right now. Remember, if you want to keep your body condition always good, you need to start early at your young age, because start early will open the bigger chance for you to keep your body in a good way.

Simple Menu For Healthier Lives

Food is the best thing. But, of course, you need to be careful when you choosing the food that you will eat, because if you choose the wrong food somehow it can affect the body in the future. Well, let’s see the menu that good to keep your body good and health.

  • Fruits and Vegetables, no doubt if both of these menus are really best for the body because fruits and vegetables are contained will many vitamins, nutrition and fibers that the body really needs.
  • Oat or cereals. Can be great for your heart and of course this menu it’s really easy to make. So, it will be really handy when you in a hurry.
  • Eat this will give your body energy and of course, meat also contain good things that can help you to keep the body works fine. But, of course, you can’t consume meat every day because it can give cholesterol that can be really bad for your body and also the heart.

Following those three tips above will give you something that you need to keep your body healthy and good. Also, you need to remember. To make it works great you need do some exercise and also stop eating junk food because junk food it’s not good for your body. Well, start now if you want to make your life better in the future.

Healthy Diet With Fruits

Health careFor those whose obsessed into the diet, fruits are like their friends and even a soulmate for them. Fruits and vegetables are their main menu for every single dish they had in the diet. All of those people are crazily eating fruits and vegetables without eating any other of ingredients such as rice, bread, potatoes, chicken, and even meat. All they can eat are fruits and vegetables. But did you know that there are some fruits that helped more and being more effective for your diet if you consume it routinely? There is it. There are some fruits which contain more fiber and nutrients that suitable for those people who is on diet.

Apple is the first fruit that comes to your mind when you are on diet right? Yes, apple is a fruit that could make your diet more effective by consuming it. Apple is rich in their fiber and have no bad calories for your bodies, that’s why it’s a good point to eat an apple as your soulmate on diet. Banana is one of the fruits with vitamin B6 which is could help you deduct your heart risk and could make your body immune more strengthen. Small blueberry is a rich antioxidant fruit which is good for defense your body’s immune. And blueberry helped you to fight against cholesterol and obesity. According to the research in America, blueberries could fight against bad fat in your bodies. Kiwifruits is the most popular fruits that people on diet search for. The skin of their fruits also can be eaten, the sour yet sweetness taste are addictive and make this is the favorites fruit. The seed of the kiwifruits also can be eaten too. It contains fibrous part of the kiwi fruits. The fiber could help you feeling full faster which is good for people whose on diet.

Delicious Healthy Snacks

Health careDo you ever think that healthy life is boring and the foods are not delicious? You should think about it again now. It is because I will tell you some recipe to get healthy snacks with delicious taste. Your life will not be boring anymore then. Your children will like the snacks as well. Yeah, I believe so. So, are you ready to have a fun healthy life now? You may read all the tips and information about healthy snacks recipe in the below paragraphs.

You may think that all healthy snacks are not tasty. Now you can change your mind. Do you know that fruits are healthy and tasty? Yeah, you can use fruits as the main ingredients for your healthy snacks now. You can make ice cream, cookies, and other delicious snacks. You can make popsicle ice cream with fruits and healthy jelly. Then, you can make sweet candy made of kiwi covered with dark chocolate. It is so, easy the sweets of kiwi with dark chocolate only need a refrigerator to make it. Then, you can use delicious yogurt and sweet strawberry to make healthy cookies. Just like kiwi and chocolate, you should mix the yogurt and sliced strawberry in the refrigerator or freezer. You may form the cookies as you like.

So, do you have more ideas to make healthy snacks yet delicious? You can make a delicious salad with cheese as well, though. It is common but still delicious. The most important thing is those healthy snacks are made without dangerous chemical substance. Your body will not be full of chemical substance; therefore, you will be healthier. Thus, that is all the tips and recipe for you. I wish the ideas and tips will be useful. For a complete recipe, you can search them on the internet. They are all easy and affordable.

Sleeping For Your Body

Health careSleeping is a natural thing that all creatures do in their lives. For a human, people usually get the different time of sleeping. Some people get more than the recommended time, some get the exact time of it, and some don’t even get time to enjoy their life for sleeping. Here, if people don’t get enough time to sleep, it is a bad thing as they will be a risk to get a lot of trouble for their body. In this article, you will find about the sleeping effects that make you learn how important this is for your health. So, here are some things you need to know about sleeping and all things related to it.

The first thing you need to know about sleeping is that this activity will reduce your stress. Sleeping is good to reduce some stress that you have got in your daily activity. When you are mentally tired, sleeping will make your mind fresh again and it will make your mood becomes better. Then, sleeping is also good for those who are tired physically. Not only mental, physical tired of the body will also be fixed by only sleeping, of course with a certain amount of time. This also will recharge your energy, so when you wake up in the morning, your body will be lighter and you will feel more relax. If you don’t get enough time of sleeping, you will find some problems for your body, and it will burden your life. Getting tired easily, feeling lazy, sleepy, and getting sick easily will be the effects of not getting enough rest for your body.

So, starting from now, get enough time to sleep. There is no certain amount of hour you should sleep in a day, you feel it. When you wake up and you feel good, it means that you have a good time of sleeping, but if you don’t, you need to do it again in a longer time.

Healthy Tips To Look Pretty

Health careFor those of you who are women must have a desire to make yourself beautiful. Well by having a beautiful appearance then it will be something that can give you positive impacts. It can be the way for you to looks confident in front of anybody. To look beautiful is not that difficult. First, you need to be healthy first. You know that healthy life will make the condition of your body well then you can run the activities well. It is not only make up that will make you look pretty, healthy lifestyle will also impact to the look of yours.

First, you should apply healthy lifestyle from now on if you want to look pretty. You should throw away the bad habit such as smoking; it is not good for women smoking because it also can harm your womb. The next is do not drink alcohol, well you may drink alcohol but please control the amount of alcohol if you can do not drink it at all. The next is you should avoid junk food. There are many facts contained in this junk food so from now start to reduce the consumption of junk food.

The next thing you should do if you want to be healthy is by consuming healthy food that will maintain the beauty of yours. Eat vegetable, fruit, and fish if you want to look pretty. They have several vitamins that will make your skin fresh every day. After that, you should have enough time of sleep. By sleeping you can recharge yourself, and make your skin regenerated and then drink more pure water at least 8 glasses per day. The last is you should do the exercise every day or routinely. Those are the ways if you want to look pretty and healthy always.