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Refreshing Touch Of Green Roses

green rosesGreen roses are some kind of rose that had greenish petal on them. The most notorious rose is a red rose of course. This green colored rose isn’t really popular among people. But lately, this kind of rose are quite popular among the gardener and florist. They are amazed by how refreshing the green colored rose can be. Green is a color of freshness, vitality, and serenity. Green also looks great if combined with another bright color like yellow, lime or pink. That’s why many florists love this flower because it always looks great as the combination on the flower bouquet. Besides the refreshing appearance, green rose also contains a beautiful meaning. Let’s talk about the beautiful meaning of this green colored rose, shall we?

The Meaning And The Most Beautiful Kind Of Green Roses

If red rose, the cousin of this rose represents love, compassion, and charm, green roses represent fertility, sense of rich, bounty, abundance and serenity. Since green is the color of fertility and freshness, it always great to put this flower beside sick people. It also great to visit pregnant mother by bringing this flower. This flower is perfect for someone to wish them to recover from illness, or wish for getting well soon. Besides the beautiful meanings, this flower looks amazing for decorations, especially on St. Patrick day.

There are many kinds of this green colored rose. If you are looking for some green roses for your veranda or living room decorations, then green tea rose is your perfect choice. This green tea rose had greenish petal just like the name stated. This flower brings a touch of refreshment in your room. If you are looking for some garden additions, then mint julep rose is your choice. Although the color of this rose is mostly yellow, there is green color on the border of the petals. The combinations of bright yellow and green border it’s great and exotic for your garden.

How To Plant Green Roses

green rosesAlthough green roses are not as popular as red, pink, white and yellow roses, it is still one of the most striking flowers in nature. Despite the fact that the green rose we may get from our florist is the one which has been dyed by green color, this rose is actually available in nature. In fact, this rose is considered as not that rare. It is just different from other common roses we have already known. Hence, how can we plant this green rose if we are getting interested in its beauty?

Guides To Plant Green Roses In Your Garden

In the first step, you should choose a position to plant the green rose. It is important for you to choose the spot in where the rose can get enough sunlight for about 4 to 6 hours a day. It is better for you to provide two feet of vacant space to make it grow perfectly. In the second step to grow green roses, you need to dig a hole which is six inches wider than the available planter. Make sure that you create it deep enough to provide a good position for the green rose to grow.

Afterward, you should till the hole by using garden claw as you are mixing a half cup of the bone meal together with loosened oil. Then, you should take the green rose out from the planter to get rid the root system gently. In case the root is bound to root, you may try to put it into the water for a few hours to get rid of it. Next, put the bush of green rose into the available hole then cover it with the garden soil. Don’t forget to water and also fertilize the green roses regularly to help it grow healthily.