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Creative DIY DVD Storage Ideas

dvd storage ideasCalling for all disc enthusiasts! In this article, I’m going to reveal the steps to make a creative DIY DVD storage ideas you can try to make in your spare time. Every disc, books and another stuff enthusiast always facing the same problem that related to storage. Don’t worry, I will give you a solution for your problematic life (LOL)!

DVD Storage Ideas You Can Make At Home

If you don’t like moving your body to grab your disc in the cabinet or wall shelf, here go creative DVD storage ideas that doesn’t require you to move much (with material list and tutorial).

  • What you need
  1. Binder
  2. Divider
  3. CD storage page
  4. Spine labels
  5. Zip pocket (optional
  6. Double protectors, double stick tape (optional)
  • Tutorial
  1. Gather all your DVD collections in one spot and find out organizational method.
  2. Place the disc sheets inside the binder and start arranging the discs by category based on whatever you like.
  3. Make the disc labels – labels are so helpful for you to pick the movies you want to watch.
  4. Face the DVD inserts – place them in page protectors near the discs, so they are still accessible.
  5. Decide on the binder label technique – the smart way to approach the spine binding is by listing based on films or shows category in the binder. This is a nice idea to try if you are not planning on moving your DVD around too much.
  6. Make your spine labels – take your time to surf the internet looking for cool background patterns for your labels. Pick one you that match your interest.

Spending your weekend by planning a movie marathon with your squad is a good idea. Before you invite them to your house, it will be better if you already sort your disc out by following the DVD storage ideas above! Have fun!