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Android Nougat Or Android Marshmallow

android nougatBecoming the successor of Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat seems to provide more than its predecessor. There have been some points which are taken into account to conclude that this new Android version offers better feature and performance compared with its previous version. Even though recent update focuses more on the newest Android O, we should not forget about Nougat and Marshmallow. If you are using Marshmallow right now, you may need to see the comparison and contrast of these two Android versions as follow.

Android Nougat Vs Android Marshmallow: What To Choose

What is so important about Nougat and Marshmallow is its feature. When we are talking about updates, we may not forget about the difference of features between the previous version and its new version. When it comes to Nougat and Marshmallow, we cannot deny that Nougat offers some debuted features which make it more wonderful than its predecessor. Android Nougat offers a noteworthy split-screen feature which makes it possible for the users to upgrade their productivity when using their smartphone. It is claimed to work properly and is able to be used for all applications. Even though it is not an all-new ability in a smartphone, but it is better since it does not support a few selections of apps only.

In addition to the prominent split-screen ability, there is also another update in Nougat. By installing this version, your phone’s battery must be able to be improved thanks to the Doze mode. It has been improved and you can access the setting easily to get the benefit of this new update. It is not only those features which are new in Nougat. This version becomes different with Marshmallow in the case of icons and notifications as well. Now that you have known a little about Android Nougat, you must be interested in installing the new update for this version.