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60 Seconds Game Tests Your Survival Instinct

60 secondsWhat would you do if a nuclear bomb suddenly drops on your city? Hopefully, it will not happen. However, 60 Seconds can deliver you the feeling of nuclear apocalypse. This is a survival game developed by Robot Gentleman Studios. The game was one of the finalists in Indie Cade 2015 and generally liked by the players. This game is all about the struggle to survive the nuclear apocalypse in a fallout bunker. But before you get into safety, you must evacuate your family members and gather as many useful items as you can before the nuclear bomb hits. The choices you make before entering the bunker will decide whether you live or die in the bunker.

60 Seconds Struggle To Survive In Fallout Bunker

In 60 Seconds, you have to evacuate your family to safety. But before entering the fallout bunker, you have to save your family members and collect as many resources as you can. The resources such as food, water, and other items will play a significant role in your survival after you get into the bunker. To make things even harder, you have 60 second to do all of those. Reaching the fallout bunker is only the beginning. After you enter the shelter, you have to manage your supplies and ration your food and water. In the same time, you have to keep your family members well fed or they will get sick. It is also possible for them to go crazy.

This is not an easy game to complete and it gives you a lot of challenges. This game is a perfect game for hardcore players who likes survival games. You need careful planning and quick thinking in order to survive the apocalypse. You also have to manage your supplies afterward to ensure the survival of your family members. If you are interested in hard survival games, 60 seconds game may be the perfect game for you.