Surprising Health Benefits of Beans

Philip Lynch   April 10, 2017   Comments Off on Surprising Health Benefits of Beans

Health lifeIn fact, there are many healthy foods available around us. When we compare with the number of unhealthy foods, we can say that there are still many of foods which are considered healthy aside from the processed and junk foods that are suggested as unhealthy foods. Beans are one of the foods that are considered as healthy food. To strengthen this fact, here are some health benefits of beans which make it as one of the super healthy foods.

In the first place, it is actually popular that bean has the ability to fight cancer. There have been many types of research that discover the health benefits of beans to reduce the risk of certain cancer. It is thanks to the nutritional and cancer-fighting property particularly phytosterol and isoflavone it has that make bean as one of the best foods to eat when you want to stay away from cancer and other diseases.

Furthermore, it is also popular that beans have an ability to lower the risk of cholesterol. Because of the soluble fiber that is provided by beans, it becomes a good food to eat if you do not want to improve the LDL cholesterol. It is found that ten grams of soluble fiber in beans can lessen LDL cholesterol for about ten percent in a day. It shows that beans have a good property to help you decreasing the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Then, beans are also known for its ability to help you lose weight naturally. You must have heard that beans are good for your diet. When you are supposed to diet to lose your weight, beans are certainly perfect snack to choose alongside other healthy foods you eat. In addition to its ability to lose weight, it is also a good food to deal with diabetes. Finally, you have known some of the health benefits of beans.

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