Fasting Happily And Healthy

Philip Lynch   April 25, 2017   Comments Off on Fasting Happily And Healthy

Health lifeIn medical science, emptiness the stomach somehow is useful to let it rested. It is also important to teach people how to eat well. Overeating can be reduced by taking fasting regularly. In actual, it will reduce the body stressful no matter would that means. Unfortunately, not all people know well how to take it healthy and right. On the other hand, when they do it wrong, they can feel weak and cause some pain and illness. Here is the simple guidance how to take fasting healthy and happily.

The prior point when people do fasting is they need to prepare nutritional meals at the last meal time. Some people believe by taking more protein will keep them feeling full for a longer time rather than taking fat or carbohydrate. Thus, it is strongly suggested to eat beef, egg, nuts, or many others. Besides that, dehydration is one biggest failure of doing fasting. This thing can be solved by drinking water in enough amounts. If at normal condition, people need to take eight glasses of water, in preparing healthy fasting, they can take more than that.

In addition, people need to consider fasting duration. More than 24 hours letting the stomach and digestion empty is not suggested. It is stressed to take simple sugar too when they take some meal for the first time after fasting. Sugar will give energy in simple ways to people. It will give super responses that are essential to avoid them feeling weak. Taking tea with sugar or another sweet drink can be selected when they break the fasting. Meanwhile, during fasting, when there is something gone bad, it is not allowed to force the body keeping empty. It means, if they feel a headache, stomach ache, pain, they should break their fasting soon before something bad happened.

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