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Tips Mixed Mixed Gothic Dresses Muslimah

gothic dressesGothic dresses can also be applied as a cool style for hijabers who want to modify the style of fashion with gothic style. For those of you who want to know how to incorporate gothic elements in Muslimah fashion then you should refer to the following articles to completion because we will discuss about some important things about Muslimah fashion with a blend of unique and ethnic gothic elements. Many Muslim women who actually want to wear gothic fashion but constrained some things in it like a gothic style that requires wearers wearing black clothes like attending a mourning event.

Some Tips Mixed Mixed Gothic Dresses For Muslimah

Most Muslimah are transfixed by the colors they wear for their everyday fashion. Although there is a dress style gothic dresses but they are reluctant or rather not confident to wear clothes with black all in their daily activities.

Here are some unified tips on the style of gothic fashion for Muslim women.

  • Black

Although gothic style is identical to the use of black color, but that does not mean you have to wear clothes from head to toe with black. Just choose a blouse or skirt with a firm black color that will give gothic on your appearance.

  • Accessories

The choice of accessories will also greatly affect the appearance of your gothic style. By choosing black accessories or having gothic elements such as chains and pins that are embedded in some parts of the clothing will make you look gothic. You can also choose black hijab without or with sequin accessories. Try to choose the type of hijab is simple but has a comfortable material to wear considering you wear clothes with black.

  • Make up

One more gothic touch that is in need in the style of gothic fashion is a touch of makeup. Make up gothic style is makeup with black eye shadow or commonly called smoked eyes and lipstick that is dark red. Similarly, unified styling tips for Muslim women with gothic dresses.

Creative DIY DVD Storage Ideas

dvd storage ideasCalling for all disc enthusiasts! In this article, I’m going to reveal the steps to make a creative DIY DVD storage ideas you can try to make in your spare time. Every disc, books and another stuff enthusiast always facing the same problem that related to storage. Don’t worry, I will give you a solution for your problematic life (LOL)!

DVD Storage Ideas You Can Make At Home

If you don’t like moving your body to grab your disc in the cabinet or wall shelf, here go creative DVD storage ideas that doesn’t require you to move much (with material list and tutorial).

  • What you need
  1. Binder
  2. Divider
  3. CD storage page
  4. Spine labels
  5. Zip pocket (optional
  6. Double protectors, double stick tape (optional)
  • Tutorial
  1. Gather all your DVD collections in one spot and find out organizational method.
  2. Place the disc sheets inside the binder and start arranging the discs by category based on whatever you like.
  3. Make the disc labels – labels are so helpful for you to pick the movies you want to watch.
  4. Face the DVD inserts – place them in page protectors near the discs, so they are still accessible.
  5. Decide on the binder label technique – the smart way to approach the spine binding is by listing based on films or shows category in the binder. This is a nice idea to try if you are not planning on moving your DVD around too much.
  6. Make your spine labels – take your time to surf the internet looking for cool background patterns for your labels. Pick one you that match your interest.

Spending your weekend by planning a movie marathon with your squad is a good idea. Before you invite them to your house, it will be better if you already sort your disc out by following the DVD storage ideas above! Have fun!

Top Best Small Breeds Of Dogs

breeds of dogsIf you want to have a cute dog which can be a perfect loyal companion, small breeds of dogs which do not shed can be the one that you are searching for. It is a cute, small and perfect companion for you as well as your family. You do not need to make use of too much space for them if you have a small house. Then, you can also easily carry them everywhere you go. Now, let’s check some of the best small dog breeds that you will not want to avoid.

Top Best Small Breeds Of Dogs You Won’t Avoid

One of the best small dog breeds that you should know is Affenpinscher. If you are looking for a small dog which does not shed, this one is surely a perfect selection for you. It has a unique face which makes it even cuter. In some cases, this one of the best small breeds of dogs resembles monkey face. That’s why it becomes a unique dog. This dog just shed a little so that it becomes a pretty hypoallergenic. In addition to Affenpinscher, there is also Yorkshire Terrier. This one is surely spunky for a dog. It becomes a small perfect dog which does not shed.

When we are talking Yorkshire Terrier, it is actually a kind of adventurous little dog which is pretty stubborn. However, it is still a great companion which is loyal to its master. Moreover, it is also an energetic and playful dog which will be happy to enjoy any activity with you. Another small dog breed which does not shed is Lhasa Apso. Even though it is quite difficult to be trained, Lhasa Apso is still an excellent house pet for everyone who does not want to have a dog which shed too much. That’s all a few best small breeds of dogs you will love.

Refreshing Touch Of Green Roses

green rosesGreen roses are some kind of rose that had greenish petal on them. The most notorious rose is a red rose of course. This green colored rose isn’t really popular among people. But lately, this kind of rose are quite popular among the gardener and florist. They are amazed by how refreshing the green colored rose can be. Green is a color of freshness, vitality, and serenity. Green also looks great if combined with another bright color like yellow, lime or pink. That’s why many florists love this flower because it always looks great as the combination on the flower bouquet. Besides the refreshing appearance, green rose also contains a beautiful meaning. Let’s talk about the beautiful meaning of this green colored rose, shall we?

The Meaning And The Most Beautiful Kind Of Green Roses

If red rose, the cousin of this rose represents love, compassion, and charm, green roses represent fertility, sense of rich, bounty, abundance and serenity. Since green is the color of fertility and freshness, it always great to put this flower beside sick people. It also great to visit pregnant mother by bringing this flower. This flower is perfect for someone to wish them to recover from illness, or wish for getting well soon. Besides the beautiful meanings, this flower looks amazing for decorations, especially on St. Patrick day.

There are many kinds of this green colored rose. If you are looking for some green roses for your veranda or living room decorations, then green tea rose is your perfect choice. This green tea rose had greenish petal just like the name stated. This flower brings a touch of refreshment in your room. If you are looking for some garden additions, then mint julep rose is your choice. Although the color of this rose is mostly yellow, there is green color on the border of the petals. The combinations of bright yellow and green border it’s great and exotic for your garden.

How To Plant Green Roses

green rosesAlthough green roses are not as popular as red, pink, white and yellow roses, it is still one of the most striking flowers in nature. Despite the fact that the green rose we may get from our florist is the one which has been dyed by green color, this rose is actually available in nature. In fact, this rose is considered as not that rare. It is just different from other common roses we have already known. Hence, how can we plant this green rose if we are getting interested in its beauty?

Guides To Plant Green Roses In Your Garden

In the first step, you should choose a position to plant the green rose. It is important for you to choose the spot in where the rose can get enough sunlight for about 4 to 6 hours a day. It is better for you to provide two feet of vacant space to make it grow perfectly. In the second step to grow green roses, you need to dig a hole which is six inches wider than the available planter. Make sure that you create it deep enough to provide a good position for the green rose to grow.

Afterward, you should till the hole by using garden claw as you are mixing a half cup of the bone meal together with loosened oil. Then, you should take the green rose out from the planter to get rid the root system gently. In case the root is bound to root, you may try to put it into the water for a few hours to get rid of it. Next, put the bush of green rose into the available hole then cover it with the garden soil. Don’t forget to water and also fertilize the green roses regularly to help it grow healthily.

Preview On Shure SM58 Vs SM57

sm58 vs sm57There is always interesting to talk about Shure SM58 Vs SM57. It is not only because of these two items comes from the same production. It is also because these two items are famous among the other microphone choices in the market right now. Despite its popularity, these two items share some similarities and differences which make these two powerful altogether. In case you are wondering what to select between these two options. This following review may help you to determine your choice.

All You Need To Know About Shure SM58 Vs SM57

Let’s begin with the Shure SM58. This item is highly recommended for those who are seeking for a vocal microphone with world standard feature. Moreover, it is also known for its durability which allows you to operate this item for a very long time. Then, it also has ball-shaped grille which makes it a good choice for the vocal microphone. When we consider the Shure SM58 Vs SM57 in the case of grille shape, the one provided in SM58 is basically larger than the one in the SM57. It is because both of the microphones are designed for a different situation in the first place. Then, how about the other option?

Well, the Shure SM57 is all you need to have when you want to get a versatile microphone in your hand. Although it is an ideal microphone to be used for an instrument like drum or percussion, there is no doubt that this item is also a good microphone for vocal recording as well. It is claimed to have spotless sound and claimed to be able to record high note perfectly as well. Then, it is also a quite durable choice for a microphone. That’s all that you need to know about Shure SM58 Vs SM57. Now you can choose one of them as you like.

60 Seconds Game Tests Your Survival Instinct

60 secondsWhat would you do if a nuclear bomb suddenly drops on your city? Hopefully, it will not happen. However, 60 Seconds can deliver you the feeling of nuclear apocalypse. This is a survival game developed by Robot Gentleman Studios. The game was one of the finalists in Indie Cade 2015 and generally liked by the players. This game is all about the struggle to survive the nuclear apocalypse in a fallout bunker. But before you get into safety, you must evacuate your family members and gather as many useful items as you can before the nuclear bomb hits. The choices you make before entering the bunker will decide whether you live or die in the bunker.

60 Seconds Struggle To Survive In Fallout Bunker

In 60 Seconds, you have to evacuate your family to safety. But before entering the fallout bunker, you have to save your family members and collect as many resources as you can. The resources such as food, water, and other items will play a significant role in your survival after you get into the bunker. To make things even harder, you have 60 second to do all of those. Reaching the fallout bunker is only the beginning. After you enter the shelter, you have to manage your supplies and ration your food and water. In the same time, you have to keep your family members well fed or they will get sick. It is also possible for them to go crazy.

This is not an easy game to complete and it gives you a lot of challenges. This game is a perfect game for hardcore players who likes survival games. You need careful planning and quick thinking in order to survive the apocalypse. You also have to manage your supplies afterward to ensure the survival of your family members. If you are interested in hard survival games, 60 seconds game may be the perfect game for you.

Bmw Soon Release M5 2017 Review

Bmw M5 2017In this time, you need something that can make you easy in doing something, right? well, you can use the technology if you want to do that. The advance of technology keeps improving time by time. Like for the example is a car. The car you use in this modern era is not a usual car. This car should be complete with several facilities. M5 2017 will be one of many cars that offer you that kind of facilities. Here in the explanation below will be explained things dealing with this car, including the specification start from the look and also performance.

How Is The Look And Performance Of M5 2017?

This car includes in sedan type. This can be your option to choose this car, but here you will know little bit clue about this car. This BMW has not released yet, but here are several things which have spread among people talking about this M5 2017. Start from the look, of course, you should not have to be doubtful because BMW is famous for its classy design. The next you need to know there will be several changes such as the platform used. Here you will find it under the car roof. For the wheel, it uses rear wheel to drive.

That is for the look, then next to the performance of the car. The performance of the car must be related to the quality of the machine. The machine used here is turbo twin V8 with the capacity of 4.4 liters. After that, you also need to know if this car will be having the horsepower for 600 so it is possible to run fast. This M5 2017 also will be lighter in the weight. The weight will be only 100 kg because the material used in this car is magnesium, steel with high performance, and the last is carbon fiber.

Football Highlights And Match Schedule

football highlightsWhat are you thinking about football? Many people agree that this sport has been one of the popular sports in the world. It is proven by there are many football highlights you can find TV and also the internet. Its popularity indeed cannot be separated with the clubs, players, and leagues. When we talk about leagues itself indeed Premier League is one of most favorite ones. That is shown by the enthusiasm of people in getting various information relating to BPL or Barclay’s Premier League. For instance, is the match schedule of big clubs.

Football Highlights: Premier League Match Schedule

It is not a new thing that in football highlights we will find the information about match schedule. Indeed, for those who want to watch many great matches, Premier League can be a football competition you could choose. As having been known that there are many great clubs here. For instance, are Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and so on. Because of it, there will be many matches that are interesting to be watched. Derby matches here is one of the examples of the matches that many people wait. Here the clubs from the sane city should prove their power to be the best in their city.

Talking about the match of Premier League here are some upcoming schedule for week 36. To begin with there are West Ham – Tottenham Hotspur, Man. City – C. Palace and Leicester – Watford on 6 May 2017. Then on 7 May 2017, Liverpool will meet Southampton and Arsenal will face Manchester United. After that 2 days, later that is on 9 May 2017 it is the match between Chelsea and Middlesbrough. Meanwhile, on 11 May 2017, Southampton will meet Arsenal. With all of the info of BPL match schedule in football highlights now there is no single thing that can be missed now.

Smart Tips Deciding Youtube Views Service

youtube viewsThere is the uncountable amount of YouTube for views service which sells views, but you still have to be picky in order not to choose a low-quality views seller. Looking for a good site to buy YouTube views can be an exhausting task to do, the worst part is when you have no idea where to look.

Stop Worrying About YouTube Views And Read This

We will elaborate some important things you should know in order to buy YouTube views effectively. So, you will not regret anything. Here we go!

  • If someone notices your video as they scroll through their results, they can end up watching your videos. The more views from this service lead aim you to more views from legitimate sources.
  • Decide if you want to buy views, likes or subscribers (or a package that includes all).
  • Make sure you have enough budget to purchase views, likes, or subscribes.
  • Your videos will go through a hard time catching on. If you are a public figure with tons of followers who always ready to share your videos on every social media they own you might never get attention.
  • Choose the service with the amount views, like, or subscribers you want and fill in the involved fields (this is usually your YouTube videos URL and any extras you want to purchase)
  • More views lead to better ranking, a better ranking lead to a possibility your videos going viral. Videos will appear on search results based on a number of views your videos have. That is how YouTube works. As YouTube continues to add up more and more contents, this is also becoming more crucial all the time. Ordering YouTube views can be your start line on the race.

The last thing to remember, before you decide to purchase views, make sure the seller is trusted and over 100% refund just in case your videos get removed. Good luck, fellas!

Characteristics of Cheap Wedding Venues

Wedding VenuesPrice really talks about quality, and today we are discussing how typical cheap wedding venues look like. This can be a great guideline if you eventually can find a better place. That is to say, you are lucky because you can get something better without paying too much. The first characteristic of the cheap place is definitely the area. Wedding venues that do not require expensive payment are typically small and it is even not capable of gathering 50 people without making them difficult to navigate in the venue. Of course, it includes some tables, chairs, and other necessary things to make the wedding happen.

More about Cheap Wedding Venues

The next thing that should be considered is that the location is typically not perfect. It is indicated with some characteristics. First of all, it is all about the view. The venue may be blocked by tall building – instead of wide natural view, or it is located closely to public space without any screen. This is quite annoying if you want to do wedding outdoor because even cheap wedding venues are designed to meet specific standard value for respecting the wedding. What makes things more annoying is when the place is so tight that it does not allow anything good to be captured.

Another important aspect about inexpensive wedding venues is typically they are not in the big city. Sometimes, it will be costly and exhausting to get into the venues, but the price is absolutely cheaper than others. If you want to have such cheap wedding venues, there are some places that you can consider now. Lastly, wedding venues that do not require excessive payment also have a floorplan. It means that the venue may not be symmetrical, spacious, equipped with the decent parking lot around, and many other things. There is so much to think, but it is definitely worth your time later.

BMW SUV Car Model Car Review

www.carcomers.comMany new and luxurious new car is released this year. Many have a crazy specification, Glamorous design, or humble but decent family car. There is many Car Review on the internets that review on this car. BMW released a new SUV car, BMW SUV X3. Although it’s not the newest or the latest on SUV class, this car is capable of suiting your needs. BMW is famous for its luxurious design and great engine specification. Since this is SUV car, BMW X3 can accommodate many people. You should see its amazing body design. Just like his other BMW design, this car still features its bodywork and amazing specification. Decent specification with luxurious design, and space set for your family. This car can suit whatever you need.

Positive And Negative Of BMW X3

There is no perfect car in this world. Every car has its own distinct character, and every car has negative aspect too. BMW X3 have a strong performance for every trip, this car also fuel efficient, the endurance of this car is very good so you don’t have to worry if you’re having a long road trip with this car. other than that, this car offers wide spacing seats to fit all your family, Wide cargo space to let you store many things. This car is truly the perfect choice for the family car. Suitable for family car, strong performance, and cool design. That’s why many internet car reviews give a positive opinion about this car.

But remember, there is no perfect car, no best car, there is no car that doesn’t have negative aspects. BMW X3 also have negative aspects. Firstly because of many exclusive features on this car, this car price is a lot pricier than any other cars in his SUV class. There is some exclusive control of this car that requires some time to master it. So, this car isn’t really the best choice for the beginners. Don’t use this car if you want to learn how to drive. There is a lot of easier car to learn than this car. Although there are some negative aspects. This car still got many fans and many positive reviews from this site,, and any other car reviewers site. That’s it a BMW X3 SUV car review.

Great Choose Is Toyota Axio 2017

toyota axio 2017If your car now seems in bad condition because you always bring your car to be repaired, it may be the time for you to change your old car to be the new car, such as you choose. Toyota Axio 2017 is a great car to be chosen because you only get the advantage with only a few disadvantages to have this new car if you compare this car to the other car that competes with this sedan is produced and sold in the same year in 2017.

Modern Toyota Axio 2017

You know that there are many choices about the new car, that is released in the late or in the early 2017 but from many choices about the car, Toyota Axio 2017 is better because this car is perfect for you who love to use kind of sedan type of the car. If you want to have the new car that will bring you to the other place in your city, this sedan is good choices because this car is suitable to ride in the city way rather than the highway and because the car is economical. Then, because this car is the newest car that you have, of course, you will not get trouble when you drive this car because the new hybrid technology in the car is mounted with usable feature and materials.

This sedan is special not only because the sedan is suitable to be used in this 2017 as the new sedan that you have, but also because of this car also with its modern design. The body still slim but the real is wide and so comfort to sit inside the car. More than that, because this Toyota Axio 2017 is a kind of limited produce of the car, you can see special placard in the body of the car, remembering that this sedan is produced to celebrate the 50 years of Toyota manufacturer that always produce the best car until present.

Questioning Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door RepairFrom many times before, it would be an upsetting moment to see the problems with garage door. Playing a role as a keeping guard that avoid the burglars come to take the worthy things at the garage, the garage door should work properly. Because of long term use and the extreme weather in hot and cold, time by the time it gets broken. When this common situation is faced, it would be nice to call garage door repair service directly at home to fix this matter. This is due to the fact that people can not fix the garage door by themselves or they can be caught by injuries because of this bad problem.

Simple Questioning Garage Door Repair Service

In general, people around the world become clever and smarter to accommodate each problem they face. They want perfection. This rule also happens when they want to hire garage door repair service. They would not be easy believed, before hiring the repairman, they will ask a certain prior question to make sure they keep satisfied. The main question that people concerned is about the fee per invitation. It would nothing when people pay more and get less satisfaction. It means, once they pay more, they would get the best service and they would not meet another problem with their garage door.

On the other hand, the other common question related to the garage door repair service is about the tune up and warranty given. As for they bill per invitation is paid, they would wonder if the bill includes tune up service or not. It would be nice to have it as one package so that people do not need to pay more when something wrong happened in the next days. Nevertheless, people keep wondering whether the service would give certain warranty even for short period or not.

To Choose 2016 Toyota Supra

toyota supra 2016Some new car in which is released to be the new car in 2016 includes 2016 Toyota Supra. You can choose this car because you will know that the car is right for you not only because the modern style of the car with slim car body that makes you really want to ride this car immediately. Of course, you should know the concept of the car that you want. Then, if the concept all is available in this Toyota car, you can decide to find where you should buy the car.

2016 Toyota Supra to Buy

It does not take much time for you to choose the great car of 2016 Toyota Supra because right after you see the design in the car and such of engine or specification that available in the car, you will choose to buy Toyota supra. Moreover, if you see the feature in the car, the feature will what make you really want to have this car to be in your garage and you use it on the weekend to drive this on a city road.

If you want to have the new car with the new concept and design from Toyota, you should choose Toyota supra because it is the latest model of the car from Toyota. If you want to buy the new car which is the more modern and is suitable for your budget, this car will serve you good quality of the car and the budget around $ 60,000 or more. Then, if you want to ride with your car and make people stunning in your car, you should choose 2016 Toyota Supra because the color in this car is a good choice to make people impressed with this car. You will also is interested in buying the car because of the color which is eye-catching for you.