Broken Organs Because Cigarettes

Philip Lynch   March 16, 2017   Comments Off on Broken Organs Because Cigarettes

Health careSmoking is the most dangerous activities that everyone already knew but still doing that. Most of the people commonly will avoid the dangerous things that could be damage to their body, but smokers are already known the bad facts of smoking but still doing that activity every day. Not only that could damage their own body but smoking also could be damage for those people around them. The smoke is very dangerous if people sniffed that. That is why many prohibitions about smoking in every country because it is very dangerous.

Some of the countries in this world already fight smokers by giving a high price in the cigarettes, so people need to think twice to get cigarettes. But there is also some country that still selling the cigarettes easily and in the cheap price. In Japan, people who are already in their adult age which is 18 years old or more, might get cigarettes from the vending machine. But the price is so high that is why there are a little people who are still smoking in Japan.

Smoking really dangerous for your part of the body. There are some organs that will be damaged because of your smoke activity. The first organs victim is your heart. This is the first organ because if someone smoke cigarettes over and over again will make contraction of the blood artery which is could cause a heart attack. Eyes also being the damaged organs that will be broken because of your routine in smoke. Lungs are the organs that mostly broken in the smokers, people who already smoke for many years will have a bad condition of their lungs if you are not stopped from smoking the disease will get more serious and even caused death. That is why there are so many advertise that told people how dangerous cigarettes are.

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