Breakfast For School-Aged Children

Philip Lynch   April 14, 2017   Comments Off on Breakfast For School-Aged Children

Health tipsWe all know that children have to get the best nutrient since they are in the important stage in their growth. That is why what they eat is very important to be considered by all parents. In this case, the food they eat should be healthy and the need for nutrients of the children must be fulfilled including for school-aged children. Here they will need more nutrients because they are going to learn many materials in the school. It means that by having good nutrients, children can maintain the concentration while they are in the class. Then, what are the best breakfast for them? There are some things of best breakfast that can be read as follow.

  1. Providing a third of total daily energy that children need

For the first thing that all people have to know is that the total energy which children should get in the morning. In this case, the breakfast should have a third of total daily energy needed by children. In this case, the food must be a healthy one in which those have good nutrient. High nutrient in the foods, of course, will help the children to study well at school.

  1. Providing rich protein foods

About the next one relating to breakfast for school-aged children is parents must provide rich protein foods. Indeed, foods that consist of high protein can give a good benefit to the children. Some foods which are recommended are cheese, eggs, yogurt, milk and so on.

  1. Providing foods with vitamin C

Besides rich protein foods, the other best foods for children breakfast is those having a high vitamin C. We know that vitamin C will give body various benefits so that it is very nice for breakfast. Some foods such as orange and kiwi can be chosen as the menus for school-aged children’s breakfast.

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